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Having Trouble Getting Through?

Q: How come when I call, the phone rings and rings and no one answers?

A: Are you calling during business hours? If you get a busy signal or are asked to leave a message, it means that our booking counsellor is on the phone with another client. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete booking an appointment, but it could take longer if the client has specific questions or concerns. Please do leave a message or try calling back later.

Q: I left a message and no one called me back! Why not?

A:We check messages left regularly and make every effort to call every person back, in the order that their messages were received. Here are a few reasons why your message may not have been returned:

  1. Does your phone accept calls from private number callers? For security purposes, our phone number will appear as private when we call you. If your phone does not accept private calls, we will not be able to return your message.
  2. Did you indicate that it was safe for us to leave a message? We will never leave a message on your voice-mail unless you indicate that it is okay for us to do so. We can say that it is “Bridget calling,” if you would prefer we don’t identify ourselves as Choice in Health Clinic.
  3. Did you clearly state your first and last name, and telephone number? If any of this information is unclear, we will have difficulties contacting you.
  4. Did you leave your message at another extension?
  5. Is your voice-mail full?
  6. Does your cell phone have minutes?

Q: I called and left a message to confirm my appointment, but no one called me back!

A:Due to the volume of calls we receive, we cannot return confirmation calls we receive. If you have called to confirm and left a message, we will not call you back. Please be assured that we have received your message, and your appointment is confirmed. If, on the other hand, we haven't heard from you or didn't receive your message, we will call you a few days before your appointment to confirm or cancel.

Q: Can I book an appointment over e-mail?

A: At this time, we are not able to book appointments over e-mail. This communication method is not necessarily as confidential as the phone and we also need to talk to each client in real time to book them into an appropriate appointment slot.

Q: Can I have a friend, partner or family member book my appointment?

A: We strongly encourage you to call to book your appointment for an abortion. The counsellor who books your appointment will need to know specific information about your pregnancy, allergies, medications you might be taking, etc… We book your appointment appropriately based on this information. Furthermore, we want to know that you are sure about your decision to have an abortion. However, in some special circumstances, we would make an exception, e.g. if you need help communicating your needs due to a language barrier. In that situation, we still prefer to speak with you directly, and will try to do so through a professional phone interpretation service. In other circumstances not related to language, you will still need to call us directly to confirm your appointment.

client feedback

"I wanted to thank all your staff for the kindness they showed me during this difficult time. Everyone seemed so dedicated, professional and sincere. I was somewhat afraid and distraught when I came to the clinic but was put to ease immediately. Thank you for everything."

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