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Digital Health at Choice In Health

At Choice In Health we believe that you as our clients are entitled to the greatest amount of choice when deciding on the type of abortion you will receive. For 30 years we have provided wrap around abortion services within our clinic. These services have included surgical and medication abortions, counselling, STI testing, and birth control options. With the advancement of digital health and virtual care we are pleased to add virtual care appointments to our list of services. We believe that digital care improves quality and that virtual care (aka video appointments) enables clients who face barriers to be able to access the services they need.

Although digitization of health care is increasingly common, virtual care is new to Choice In Health and with it comes some inherent privacy and security risks that your health information may be intercepted or unintentionally disclosed. To protect your privacy, CIHC only uses digital platforms that are compliant with the Privacy Laws of Ontario, specifically the Personal Health Information Protection Act. However, we also know that privacy breaches can still occur and everyone's comfort with online tools varies. In an effort to be transparent and ensure you are fully informed we have created this section of our website to provide information on the tools and platforms we use in our clinic, and provide education on how to stay safe during a virtual care appointment.

Digital Tools and Platforms Used at CIHC to Serve Clients

Zoom Phone VOIP - VOIP aka Voice Over Internet Phones allows us to route phone calls to different members of our team on different days. It also provides us with an auto attendant to manage the que of individuals calling the clinic. Learn more about Zoom Phone VOIP here.

AbleMed Booking and Messaging - AbleMed is the software we use to book appointments. This software holds information like your name, phone number, email and date/time of your appointment. It’s also what we use to send you an appointment reminder. Learn more about AbleMed here.

OnCall Health - OnCall Health is an OntarioMD approved virtual care platform that enables our team to have video appointments with you. We can also send you intake forms, consent forms, and background information through this secure platform. Learn more about OnCall Health here. - Sync is a file sharing platform that allows us to email you copies of your personal health information securely through end-to-end encryption. Learn more about sync here.

Staying Safe During Your Virtual Care Appointment - aka a “Video Appointment”

      -We use video and audio technology so we can see and hear each other  
      -We recommend you be in a quiet place for your virtual visit so that others cannot overhear the session 
          (unless you want to include others in your visit – please tell us who is with you)
      -You will be asked for details of what is happening & your health history
            – these questions may be very personal and sensitive
      -Details of your virtual visit will be recorded in your health record just like in an in-person visit
      -We will not make a recording of the virtual visit. We ask that you not record the visit either.
      -We may ask to take photographs if necessary to treat you – we will tell you before we take any photograph

      -Virtual visits are not appropriate for emergencies – please call 9-1-1
      -Despite meeting virtually you and your physician may determine that you still need to visit the clinic
       or a lab for testing

      -We use PHIPA compliant platforms to provide Virtual Care appointments
      -Our staff have completed privacy training
      -At the moment most of our staff are still working from our clinic however because of the COVID-19
       Pandemic our staff may conduct virtual visits from their home – they will find a quiet place away from
       others in their household

      -It is possible there could be a problem with the technology and your session could be cut short or interrupted
      -The quality of the video or audio may not be good enough for a health care provider to assist you virtually or
       could negatively impact the quality of the care you receive