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Condoms  are provided to clients free of charge, when they are available. The following contraceptives are available for sale at the time of an abortion or a checkup. We charge only our cost for these:

Item Price
IUD Copper
$45.00 each

Prices subject to change without notice

We only accept cash for the sale of contraceptives. If you wish to purchase contraceptives at the time of your appointment, we ask that you bring along the exact amount of cash, as we are not able to make change

If you have drug benefits through an employer or the Ontario Drug Benefit Program, you might want to bring your card with you in case you decide to buy a birth control method at a nearby pharmacy.

client feedback

"All of the staff, right from the beginning to recovery, were friendly and supportive. I appreciated the easiness and lightheartedness /humour, which made the whole experience much easier and less stressful."

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