Why Choose Us?


  • Next day appointments are often available 
  • You can usually bring a support person into the procedure room with you
  • We are non-profit
  • We are the only Toronto abortion clinic that regularly offers medication abortions
  • We can arrange free interpretation
  • We provide very early abortions - you can book with us as soon as you know you are pregnant
  • Children are welcome in the waiting room (if you bring an adult to look after them)
  • You can see your ultrasound and keep a copy if you wish
  • You can see your pregnancy tissue and take it away with you if you wish
  • Parental consent is not required if you are under age 16
  • We have a strong, supportive counselling component
  • All staff identify as women
  • There are no extra fees if you have insurance, and low-cost abortion if you don't


Good to Know
We are the only 100% non-profit abortion clinic in Ontario! This means we can focus on you and your care, not on money.
Client Feedback

"All of the staff, right from the beginning to recovery, were friendly and supportive. I appreciated the easiness and lightheartedness /humour, which made the whole experience much easier and less stressful."
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Chris Ablett, Cap Studios

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